Rant rap

Myō Lahey

Spooky paths, spur tracks, clothing
discards, empties. Down by the river,
winding ways no one wants…

Blue tarp huffed by the wind,
then a loss of signal.
Man with a hurt brain, sick
youth, tides on the ebb…

Ebbtides, peptides,
nothing really working

Dead ends, trojanenz, red lenses
where the road bends,
skid marks, stretch marks, kids kickin’ in the
needle park…

Starbucks, cheap fucks, homeless dude out-of-luck,
wrong place, wrong time,
whack him to the tune
of Bustah Rhyme.

Right eye, wrong view, Buddha says
take the long view.
Dead wrong, travel on, IEDs
to Babylon.

Crowd waits while you masturbate,
bunch of shopping carts
at the pearly gates.

Brown cowed, back bowed,
tell your sins
to the world out loud.

What a pretty face, right
sex but the wrong race,
take you anyway,
bend over in a holy place.

Cheap guns, see your
death coming but you can’t run,
you’ll do till I find
the next one.

Sky sour, tent power,
burning tires round
the TV tower. Forty-six-inch
plasma-screen pinch,
Xmas trees selling
by the inch.

Green tea by a sick
pine tree, grass mats, pricey cups,
NASCAR hats, camo pants, pull
the trigger on the sitting ducks.

Viagra, that’s the bone magic,
flute plays though
the love got tragic.

Oil stinks wrap
the whole world, scruffy
bush where they found
the dead girl.

Trump lies, earth fries,
frat packs diddle while
the planet dies.

Barbecue time, rusty
tin tubs by the water
line, cold
hope, frayed rope,
black smoke means
just forget the Pope.

Smoked fish, smoke
the snitch, time’s up,
what’s your last wish?

myo laheyMyō Lahey

Rev. Myō Denis Lahey is a Soto Zen priest practicing in the Shunryu Suzuki lineage. He is practice leader at Hartford Street Zen Center in San Francisco and at Iron Bell Zendo (now Valley Streams Zen Sangha) in Sacramento, California. A Dharma heir of Tenshin Reb Anderson, he serves on the Board of Directors for the Soto Zen Buddhist Association of North America (SZBA) and is a member of the Association for Soto Zen Buddhism of Japan (ASZB). Raised in an observant Roman Catholic home, Myō was drawn to religion and spirituality at an early age and found Zen Buddhism in his teens. He began sitting in 1969 with Shunryu Suzuki Roshi and befriended many San Francisco Zen Center practitioners and teachers, including Issan Dorsey.